About us

Change is our passion, people are our purpose

i2 (i squared) is an agile and innovative change implementation consultancy that brings together a unique blend of business, technical, behavioural, and change expertise to offer a holistic and people-focused service for organisational transformation.

i2 was founded in 2019 in response to a belief that organisations are too frequently underserved by the expert change advice and support they receive. Whilst the methodology of change is well understood, a large majority of transformations continue to fail. Why? The implementation.

The often-underestimated reality of business change is how complex and challenging it is to execute in practice. Uncertainties abound, and the support organisations receive is often not adapted to the actual needs of the leaders and individuals doing the work to deliver change within their unique organisational environments. We believe organisations deserve better.

Working Alongside Your People to Ensure Change Succeeds, and Lasts.

Our experience in change implementation has shown us that organisations need a people-focused and supportive approach, enabled by a rigorously structured and controlled implementation methodology.

We never see our role as compensating for an organisation’s skills gaps or a critical voice offering advice. Instead, i2 is a performance partner working directly with an organisation’s people for the entire journey of change implementation to coach, upskill and empower employees to be successful in delivering change and value to the business. This is always accompanied by our bespoke change management tool to provide the control, transparency and certainty implementation requires.

At heart, our goal is to build capacity, competency, capability and confidence in change within your organisation while making transformations work, every time.

A depth of experience

The Leadership Team at i2 has been leading successful change projects around the world for over 25 years. These range from multi-million-pound business turnarounds to implementing transformative business performance programmes and complex multi-billion-dollar project close-outs and transitions.

Our experience includes a range of industries from highly technical, asset heavy sectors such as oil & gas, infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation and construction to agile and dynamic industries in technology and innovation across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and America. Whatever industry or business lifecycle stage you are at, i2 provides a specialist team tailored exactly to your specific transformational and organisational needs.  Meet our team.

Areas of expertise

  • Business Leadership
  • Major Project Delivery
  • Team Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Programme Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Building Functional Excellence
  • Transition Management
  • Business Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Facilitation & Implementation
  • All Aspects of Operations
  • Business Merger & Close-down
  • Reorganisation - Design to Implementation


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